Should black women limit themselves to black men?  The Census Bureau reports that as of late, 3.7 percent of black women have non-black spouses compared with the 8.4 percent of black men with non-black spouses.  While dating figures are less attainable, it is safe to assume that the number of black men in interracial relationships also surpasses the number of black women dating outside of the race.

However, these figures could be balancing out in the near future.  Single black women are becoming increasingly frustrated with the small number of available and desirable black men.  Books, websites, social networks, and public figures are encouraging relationships between women of color and non-black (in most cases, white) men.  Black men have no boundaries when it comes to dating, and black women are following suit.  Even though they may face accusations of rejecting and diluting black culture, more and more black women are venturing outside of their race for a chance at real love.

Check out the gallery photos of black celebrity women and the white men they love(d) below.

Why Is Race Still A Factor When It Comes To Dating?

Why Do Black Men Love White Women?

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