We’ve seen Amber Rose all boo-ed up with Kanye West, and most recently, kissing Wiz Khalifa.  But who is the real Amber Rose?  Who is the woman behind the rapper?  Her reality show, Behind Her Shades, will supposedly air this fall on VH1.  The “open book” show concept will allow viewers to get to know what Amber Rose is really about.  Even if the show is only a figment of her imagination, here are 10 reasons why Amber Rose would make for entertaining television:

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10. She went from nothing to something; the rags-to-riches story never gets old.

9. Her public image is a bit controversial, yet vague — perfect for TV.

8. She’s opening her own store, and what celeb can’t afford free publicity?

7. She’s still a mystery to many of us, so surely people want to know more about this chick.

6. She has famous friends, and viewers love gaining access to stars.

5. Before her relationship with a celeb, we had no idea who she was … she fits the mold of reality stars.

4. She’s exotic.  She’s voluptuous.  She’s bisexual.  I don’t know a straight guy who wouldn’t want to watch her.

3. She’s an ex-stripper, so like most reality stars, she’s comfortable with taking her clothes off at the drop of a dollar.

2. Kanye West is her ex … need I say more?

1. Her revealing photos just leaked, exposing her to millions of viewers everywhere — no need for promo!

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