After Chris Brown broke a record when 18,000 fans camped out to watch him perform on “The Today Show,” Fox News attacked the troubled singer who is trying to get his life back in order after the domestic violence incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Fox News took to the streets showing on-lookers the TMZ photo of Rihanna bruised and battered by Chris’s hand. Fans and street goers responded far more positively than Fox, claiming that they don’t now the full story and or Rihanna could have provoked the altercation. “You may remember the singer Chris Brown, he pleaded guilty to beating his then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. Sane Americans were disgusted by his bad behavior but that did not stop him from getting top billing this morning on The Today Show” says Laura Ingram. Cooper Lawrence thinks “The less religious you are, the more likely you are to worship a celebrity.” The video shows Laura and other hosts continue to bash the young singer.

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