The Internet went wild with rumors this weekend as news of Crooked I getting shot or hurt badly abound.

Sources varied, some saying the West coast emcee was critically injured, or even dead. Rapper Glasses Malone confirmed some situation, but did not elaborate, via his Twitter page: “Something happened … which they ain’t explaining, but Crooked is ok. He is at his home in fine condition,” the update said.

Crooked I finally addressed the issue by calling in to DJ Vlad of, updating everyone on his condition.

I’m good. Physically, I’m good. I’m kinda in a fucked place right now. But physically, I’m good,” he said, indicating that there was some sort of incident, but providing no details.

DJ Vlad asked the rapper if he wanted to elaborate on the situation, to which Crooked simply replied, “Some crazy shit just went on. I was just at the wrong place, wrong time type of shit. Right now, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it because when shit like that pops off, it’s kinda better to just leave it where it happens, you know?

I’m good. I’m straight. I don’t want nobody getting no fame off of nothing, bringing negativity towards me. I’m good,” he concluded.

More on this story as it develops.


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