Chris Brown is not letting the rap thing go. Last night Brown debuted part three in his “Real Hip-Hop” series where he places his rhyming talents front and center. This time around he recruited Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder for the instrumental and the part-time rapper himself had nothing but praise for Breezy on the mic.

“He’s going in on it,” 9th told “That showed me that hip-hop is the foundation for everybody in the last 25 years. It just is. He spit on it man.”

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9th hit the underground panic alarm earlier in the year by featuring his frequent collaborators Phonte and Jean Grea on a track with the Based God Lil B. The track “Base For Your Face” had some of his fans making the face but 9th is not fazed.

“If it had been Phonte, Elzhi, Royce–the usual suspects–cats would have talked about it for a couple of days and that’s it,” he reasons. “But when I do a song with somebody like this they talk about it for weeks. Sometimes you gotta push the envelope a little bit. I’m tired of boxes.”

9th was made aware of Brown’s desire to rap by DJ DR and went searching on Youtube for the song that now has over 163, 000 views on the network. After a little back and forth between mutual colleagues, Chris called 9th on the phone during this year’s BET Awards weekend and the prolific beatsmith sent him 30 instrumentals to choose from. Brown called to confirm receipt of the tracks and that was the last time 9th heard from his  camp.

“Hip Hop Sh*t 1”

“Hip Hop Sh*t 2”

“Last night I’m on my computer getting The Wonder Years album credits together and I always have Twitter up,” he says of how he found out about the song. “I looked at Twitter before I looked at my email and I saw ‘Chris Brown and 9th Wonder…’ Then I looked at my email and they had sent me the joint saying they were about to blast it out.”

The track is a signature 9th Wonder sample chop with heavy drums that Brown uses to pop shots at everyone from generic lames to news blogs:  “TMZ I’m wiping my a– so stop recording..”

“Of course it’s getting mixed reviews from the super duper underground heads who won’t listen to it because it’s Chris Brown, ” says 9th. “I think there’s a certain number of people who want me to stay to themselves. What they fail to realize is that it ain’t up to me. It’s not up to me to work with your favorite rapper. That’s up to your favorite rapper. In this game you rock with people who rock with you.”

As for Brown’s claim that he “impregnated” the beat? 9th agrees…

“He blew it up.”


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