In hopes of clearing up the cause of an ongoing feud between Jim Jones and former Byrdgang member Max B, Paula J. Moore has stepped forward to provide her account of the story.

Moore, who refers to Max B (real name Charly Wingate) as her client, says she was responsible for posting the rapper’s $150,000 bail after he was arrested on charges of attempted murder in 2007 and has a copy of the bail bond to prove it.

Jim Jones was not interested in helping Max B get released out of jail until he heard that someone was bailing him out,” Moore tells “Unbeknown to me, Jim Jones found out that I was going to be bailing Max B out and he went to the jail and convinced Max to sign all his publishing over and loaned him $90,000.”

Moore says she plans to reveal other details about the behind-the-scenes activity of members of Byrdgang as well as other information about the aforementioned murder trial via her upcoming H.O.T. (Harlem on Top) DVD.


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