If you watched Mary J. Blige’s VH1 Behind The Music special, you may have gotten inspired or even shed a tear. Mary told a short version of her life story to VH1. There was no way Mary could do that without mentioning K-Ci of Jodeci who was once a major part of her life.

The two were one of hip hop’s first couples, but Mary and K-Ci were no match made in heaven. The two physically abused one another often. Mary shared the pain she felt in that relationship with us on her My Life album. Mary has not spoken much about her relationship with K-Ci until now. Mary says she was hurt by K-Ci when she found out he denied their engagement.

“I was on some TV show saying that I was engaged and showing off my ring (and) the host pulls up the tape and says, ‘This is what he said.’”

Asked for a comment after the footage was shown to her, Blige simply asked the host to “move on”, insisting, “We’re not getting married now.”

“You don’t ask a woman to marry you if that’s not what you want. I was young and I was in love. That hurt me.”

Mary appeared on the UK TV show two weeks after K-Ci. When asked if he was getting engaged he denied it and stated that he was single.   Check out the video below. (6:16)

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