Once again Caktuz pulls no punches with the phonetically titled “Kottdayumn!!”. This fan favorite from his recent 2011 UK tour has only been performed live before now.

Originally written as a demo for an ill fated 9th Wonder collaboration (the beat is a chopped loop from Little Brothers “Home”), Caktuz drops this gritty black & white video, directed by Deitrich Davis (Director of Photography for “Gangstamuzik: Acts I&II”, “Still N The Hood”, “Dose It”), to ready fans for his new EP; How 2 Dress Well 4 Suicide.

No news from the Caktuz camp as of yet to the meaning behind the title or a release date. Ever the constant reinventor, its anyone’s guess where the ‘hip hop-rocka rolla’ will take fans next with his music, but if the cult success of his 2010 album GOD*Z PORNO is any indication, It’s garaunteed to be one hell of a ride.

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