There’s nothing more beautiful than when a woman is cloaked in the pregnancy glow. When you’re the baddest female in the music game, your cup of attractiveness runneth over. Alicia Keys performed a tribute to Prince at the 2010 BET Awards. While she sang, many Beyonce stans felt King B could put on a better show while with child. One male tweeter commented, ” A female singer can get pregnant and some chick will say Beyonce can get pregnant better.” A year and change later, we have the opportunity to see if there was any truth in that tweeter’s jest. Beyonce announced her pregnancy on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday. So

you tell us, whose performance while carrying a bundle of joy was better? Beyonce or Alicia Keys?

Prince hit legendary status because of his incredible musicianship and wild stage shows. In order to give The Purple One a tribute, one must give their performance 300 percent to be half the performer Prince is. Alicia Keys did just that. During her BET Awards set, she sang his signature hit, “Adore.” Although singing in a higher register isn’t her strongest suit, Keys’ performance was still exciting. Alicia climbed on top of a black baby grand piano and writhed like she was auditioning to be the leader of a Vanity 6 reboot. As Alicia did her thing, cameras cut to Prince giving side eye–or was that some concern? Prince is more expressive in song than in his face. Once Alicia Keys made a safe exit stage left, her set was all anyone could talk about. That is until last Sunday.

No one was expecting Beyonce to deliver baby news at the VMAs. Beyonce wore a purple sequined jacket with simple black pants and a tuxedo shirt. Her and her dancers performed the album cut, “Love On Top,” with precision and aplomb. Despite scaling back the performance, it was still chock full of Bey’s signature intensity and vocal gymnastics. After her rousing set, Beyonce went into diva mode. She dropped her mic and popped open her jacket and rubbed her bump with a broad smile on her face. In an example of black love, Jay-Z beamed as his wife brought the crowd to their feet while carrying his seed. The smile on his read, “Yeah, I did that and she still is the baddest chick in the game!

So let us know what you think. Who’s performance was better? What did you think of the way Beyonce announced the news? Who’s child will follow in their famous parents’ footsteps?

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