If the powers-that-be would allow it, Roseanne Barr should blog for The Urban Daily. She’s found herself on the site three times now and hasn’t seemed to let off of the Chris Brown situation, yet. The latest target of the former sitcom queen’s rant are Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks.

Check out what she had to say about them below:

“on female victims of domestic abuse was out of date, and irrelevant and made me mad.

They have twisted the facts so that they fit their already dangerous and wrong suppositions. Rhianna is a victim of chris brown to be sure, but nothing will ever change as long as the FACT is ignored that in the beginning of domestic violence, the female often (like Rhianna) colludes and ALSO IS VIOLENT!

ignoring this and painting a false and one sided politically correct and WRONG picture about the victim is a big reason why women do not leave abusive relationships and I am sick of this lie that often ends in the death of the woman!

I was in a lot of groups and noticed how many women said that they stayed because they mistakenly thought: “I am not like all these other helpless women who get beat, I hit back, or I hit first. I am not a helpless victim, I am a strong fighter, and I can handle this”. Then comes the time when his strength is too much to withstand, and the sobering reality that you are in fact just another victim hits you.

I lived through this myself, so I know what I am talking about.

The thing that finally made me leave, was an article in the new york times where a woman wrote: “Roseanne took Tom Arnold back after accusing him of abuse and is acting like a grateful fat girl who got invited to the prom”.

That so shamed me into looking at my behavior, and not Tom’s, that I think now it is what saved my life. (watch how this story about me and tom will be ignored by the press, and by all the women who profess to be domestic abuse activists).

I am confronting Rhianna and I will continue to confront her because I want her to LEAVE that monster and do the right thing. I want her to live!”

What do YOU think? Should she just let it go? Speak on it in the comments section!

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