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According to The Hollywood Reporter, VH1 is bringing back Behind the Music.

VH1 is ordering 10 new episodes of the show that started on the station in 1997. Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland are among the first artists to attach themselves to this show’s rebirth

It felt like the time is right,” stated VH1 executive vice president of original programming Jeff Olde. “There’s all sorts of new artists on the scene who have emerged and have these great stories. And there’s other artists that we always wanted to do the first time around.”

VH1 saw how popular the show was last fall when it ran a 90-minute live New Kids on the Block Behind the Music special.

The station canceled the show in 2002, “then aired only a few a year until 2006.”

In fact the show was so popular that VH1 found in focus groups that viewers thought it never left the air. There was a spinoff show titled Behind the Music 2 but it didn’t gain much traction.

The plan for the new show is to update the old format but not change things too much.

I’m leery about changing certain elements,” Olde stated. “I think the audience will be mad if we mess with it too much.”

SOURCE: MovieWeb

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