Muhsinah is smarter than you. Well, at least your favorite singer.  The winner of our “One Minute to Shine” contest had the beautiful audacity to name one of her recent projects Oscillations: Sine and Triangle.

“I was in recording school and I wanted to be an engineer,” she says with a smile. “I was learning the inner workings of audio. ‘Oscillation’ is just another word for wave. There’s different kinds of waves; sine waves, triangle waves, sawtooth waves…I am a nerd to the core. I didn’t want to be a singer, I was just recording myself to learn the Pro Tools program, but the songs got really good.”

The D.C. born Howard University alum went on to record with The Foreign Exchange (“Daykeeper,” “House of Cards”) and Common (“Changes”), but she has recently released a new double EP, the more modestly titled Gone. In this exclusive to TheUrbandaily she talks about the “urban/suburban” mix of her music and what it was like opening for Jennifer Hudson in Aruba.


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