Fabolous is known for his punch lines, lyrics, Brooklyn swag and fashionable style. Fab has worked with artists like Neyo, Jermaine Dupri, T-Pain, DJ Clue, Chris Brown, Drake, Jagged Edge, Diddy and more. His clothing line Rich Yung is highly successful and he has become every one’s favorite celeb on Twitter (@MyFabolousLife)! Fab recently got into an altercation with R&B singer Ray-J which has added to his already high street cred! The platinum rapper is well respected in the streets and in the industry, so let’s check out 10 great rap lines from F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S!

Fabolous Knocked Out Ray-J Like Mayweather Did Ortiz?!

Fabolous ft. T-Pain- Baby Don’t Go

“Now, I talked with someone above, it’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love, don’t lose someone you love though over your pride, stick wit’cha entree and get over your side”

Christina Milian ft. Fabolous- Dip It Low

“Like most men I’d love to catch up with a model, but I ain’t used to moving slow like Ketchup in a bottle.

The best things come to those who wait for it but imma be straight forward before it’s too late for it.”

Nicki Minaj ft. Fabolous- For The Money”

“Only if you gold, I never do the Bronze cause if you could have Beyonce would you take Solange?”

Fabolous- You Can’t Deny It

“When the time’s right, Imma put this nine right to the left side of ya head, push ya mind right”

Fabolous- Breath

“You n***s can’t share my air or walk a mile in the pair I wear. And I’m gettin better year by year Like they say Wine do, cops couldn’t smell me if you brought the canines through.  And I pace myself I know these money hungry b****s wanna taste my wealth but I keep em’ on a diet embrace they health.”

Fabolous- Can’t Let You Go

“Baby girl, you know my situation and sometimes I know you get impatient but you don’t put on shows to get ovations, take it to court and go through litigations. And I respect ya gangsta treat you like a princess and put some on your neck to thank ya. Shes my pinch hitta, when the starting lineup ain’t playin’ right, I come off the bench wit her”

Fabolous- “I Don’t See Nobody”

“I done lost sight of you niggaz, when the lazy eye’s left I cross right on you n***s. I need tintin’, I’m squinting like the sun is in my eye but my n***s on the trigger and the gun is on his thigh. Wait for one of them to try, that’s when one of them’ll die there’s a lot of pussy n***as but not one of them is I.”

Fabolous- So Into You

“I can’t really explain it I’m so into you now I wanna be more than a friend to you now. When they ask, I mention my baby-girl in the interviews now and I don’t bring the problems from the 90’s and the 2 thou. There’s no reason to have a friend or two now cause the kids ready to tell you how he feel and a few vows”

Red Cafe ft. Fabolous- F**k Em’ All

“I said, f**k ‘em all, motherf**k ‘em all cause I shop so much I smell like the f****ng mall. So many guns ain’t nowhere to tuck ‘em all and you might dodge one, let me see you duck ‘em all! No way, no how, s**t I know that almost as much as I know O.J.’ll blow trial. I be in the club, Rose, no smile few pretty chicks like ‘Okay can we go now?’ I must be the niggy

I run in your house, snatch your lil’ Russy and Diggy it’s nothin no biggy, and if I have to I do it myself, I’m feelin’ like a Puff with no Biggie. Now these joker a** n****s OD’n pullin’ a Heath Ledge, so I’ma kill a cow, make sure that the beef’s dead! Burger-a** n***s, I look further past n***as and go over the head of Uncle Murda-a** niggaz! I said, f**k ‘em all, motherf*** ‘em all!

“You Be Killin’ Em'”

“You ain’t gotta worry bout her, shorty straight been chasing her for 2 days, first 48. A bad b***h cost, she worth every cents she look like the best money that I ever spent. Just watching my cutie-pie get beautified make me want better jewels, a newer ride;Louis Vuitton shoes, she got too much pride, her feet are killing her, I call it shoe-icide!”

Fabolous Says First Album Coming Out On 9/11 Was “Monumental” [VIDEO]

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