Ray-J the Money Team and his seven Rolls Royce’s are currently beefing with rapper Fabolous. Ray-J called Power 105.1 enraged yesterday over rumors that rapper Fabolous knocked him out during an altercation in Vegas. Ray went off during the radio interview in a suspect rant claiming he “socked” Fab in the face and currently has goons after him! While Ray alleged that there was an altercation, Fab denied that a fight even happened.

The beef all started when Fab joked about Ray-J playing the piano for a bunch of men including Floyd Mayweather while singing his song “One Wish” during The Mayweather/Ortiz 24 hour fight coverage. Ray-J didn’t take kindly to the humor!

In all this drama there have been some pretty suspect things said by…mostly Ray:

“I socked that n***a in the face” -Ray-J

“I play piano in that motherf*****r everyday! [Mayweather’s house]” -Ray-J

“My big homies is on his bumper!” -Ray-J

“I let him drop my top” -Ray-J

“They[his goons] gon’ rape that n***a, bend that n****a over and stick it in his butt” -Ray-J

Fabolous Clears Up Ray-J Altercation On The Radio

Ray J Gets Heated Talking About His Fight With Fabolous [AUDIO]

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