Sex, crime and drugs were the primary ingredients to a perfect Blaxploitation film. If you were lucky, having Pam Grier play your groovy bombshell would get you the blockbuster film of the year.

Grier’s roles may have always appeared to be the same (crime-fighting sex machine), but each plot was different.

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Coffy, 1973

Your 11-year-old sister is hospitalized with brain damage thanks to tainted “stuff,” and your close friend is beaten unconscious because he’s a cop that plays by the rules. Saddened and fed up, you take matters into your own hands by tricking drug dealers into bed and killing them one-by-one.

Foxy Brown, 1974

After your government agent-boyfriend is murdered, you get a call-girl position with a Model agency that may have links to your lover’s death. Using your enchanting wit, you manage to have all of the kingpins caught with their paints down, sometimes literally.

Sheba Baby, 1975

You drop everything and return to your hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to save your father’s loan company from street bullies. When people find out what daddy’s little girl is up to, your life is suddenly in danger.

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