Today is Lil Wayne’s birthday which leads me to believe that he is probably waking up from an alcohol induced coma as we speak. The Cash Money mogul turned 29 today and he has shown us that each year brings more and more wisdom. Not only has his lyrical ability improved, Wayne has matured into a trendsetter, a better businessman and an all around fun-loving spirit. I am a fan of Lil Wayne but I am even more so a fan of the message in his music.What messages? you may ask. Let’s see:

Wayne Taught Me…

5. How to “Wobbly D-Wobbly-D”

“Back That A** Up” is a classic, no matter which ignorant way you try to slice it! Wayne arguably has the best verse on the entire song which consist of about 10 whole words known to the English language. Though it is offensive to some people (not I) Wayne’s unique voice elevated the 1999 summer anthem! And yes, to this high spirited track I learned how to “booty bounce.” Thank you Wayne!

4. How to make it “Wayne”

“Making it Wayne” isn’t for everyone! I’m stopping there because any more text would be NSFW!

3.How to wear Jeggings

What heterosexual man do you know that can wear woman’s jeggings and still be considered straight? NONE…wait I mean WAYNE! that’s who! Wayne is a trendsetter and can skip around a stage in jeggings anytime. Damn sure taught me how to swag out in the tights.

2. How To Hate A B***h

I didn’t really need help with this, but Wayne sure made hating a b***h so much more melodic. After listening to “How To Hate A B***h,”  thanks to the auto-tuned stylings of T-Pain I realized “I’m through f****g with these b***h a** b****s,” also how to curse in every sentence…hm

1. Most Importantly: How to go off on a track!

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