Since Common’s book One Day It Will All Make Sense was released, there have been  several headlines regarding his comments about past loves Serena Williams and Erykah Badu. However, Common shares many intimate thoughts and revelations about the women he’s encountered, even the ones who weren’t famous.

In Chapter 8 entitled “Dooin It” Common discusses how “conscious” women would approach him for sex just like any other woman, just using different tactics.

Because I had a reputation as a thoughtful artist, I’d get girls approaching me on a conscious tip. “Brother, what do you think about this?” That was their hustle. Women can be just as raw as men. They’ll go for theirs. They’d want to talk about spirituality and politics and literature. We’d talk, but they’d still end up with their legs over their head.”

Well damn! Common goes on to break down his ideal woman writing that “I still want a woman who is spiritually wise, culturally smart, academically adept, and  naturally streetwise.

And flexible…let’s not forget flexible! We guess “A Film Called Pimp” from Like Water For Chocolate was more than just a song:

Common’s One Day It Will All Make Sense is on sale now and after two weeks is already on the NY Times Best Seller list. Pick up a copy HERE.


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