We could learn a lot about what we like and we don’t like in a significant other from the cast of “Living Single.” There’s the innocent couple: Overton and Sinclair, then the steamy secret lovers: Maxine and Kyle, the friends with benefits: Khadija and Scooter and the hopeless romancer: Regine, who’s looking for love in every man’s wallet!

“Living Single” gave us a look at what we do and don’t want in a relationship. There were pros and cons to each scenario, but people have to decide what works best for them.

See how the couples on this 90s hit television show interact with each other.

Overton and Sinclair are trying to enjoy their honeymoon on a cruise ship.

Maxine and Kyle have to keep things a secret, so they book hotels for weekend rendezvous.

Scooter unexpectedly comes onto Khadija, this changes their friendship into a relationship.

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