Atlanta’s Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis may not be a household name, but chances are he soon will be. Almost four years after he released his debut, Trap House, Gucci is more popular than he’s even been, and his star is rising.

Gucci has a catalog of songs that have been tearing up the streets for months. “Bricks,” “Photo Shoot,” “Shirt Off” and “Stoopid” and the “Make the Trap Say Aye” remix are just some of the titles. Some call him the hottest in the ‘hood right now.

“What makes me the hottest MC right now is that I got that flavor,” Gucci said on the Atlanta video set of OJ Da Juiceman‘s “Make the Trap Say Aye” remix, with a grin that showed off a bottom row of teeth covered in gold. “It ain’t all about your swag. I got them spices. I’m seasoning it real well for these folk.”


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