I am no Hip Hop connoisseur, R&B is way more my thing, but I do however understand how important and influential Marshall Mathers is and has to been to the rap genre! Today is his birthday so I celebrate him by sharing with you  my five favorite Eminem songs/videos!

Marshall turned 39 today; Happy Birthday!

Eminem Crowned “King Of Hip Hop”

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“Purple Pills”

Eminem’s group D12 struck it big with “Purple Pills,” and every non-drug addict and drug addict were singing along. I didn’t realize just how uncensored the uncut version actually was until I was banned by my parents from listening. Geez, bless that Eminem!

“A** Like That”

By the time “A** Like That” came out, Eminem’s career seemed to have taken a backseat for the white rapper. Em introduced a new flow to the world which I couldn’t stand but I loved the beat. Hey, I’m a sucker for that type of stuff!

“My Name Is”

I remember first hearing “My Name Is” on the radio and I instantly memorized every word from each verse. Maybe it was the Dr. Dre infused beat, squeaky Slim Shady voice, or violent lyrics that captured me; whatever it was, it introduced me to one of the greatest rappers to ever do it!

“Lose Yourself”

8 Mile may not be your favorite movie (Mekhai Pheifer in a dread wig isn’t a pretty sight)but I appreciate the motivational music it contrived. “Lose Yourself” is a day-starter and soundtrack to anyone about to walk into a fight!

“Cleaning Out My Closet”

If you think “Cleaning Out My Closet” is some sort of gay man’s anthem (not that anything is wrong with that), then you’d be mistaken! “Cleaning Out My Closet” is a raw-gritty account of his childhood and relationship with estranged mother. Sometimes Eminem prescribes the perfect medicine with his brutish lyrics!

A bonus:

“Nail In The Coffin”

Benzino didn’t even stand a chance!

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