Apple seems to put a new product on the market every three weeks and one of their most popular selling items is the iPod. Technology fiends will spend hundreds of dollars to have the newest model, despite them having the model that dropped six months ago. With the 10th anniversary of the iPod upon us, The Urban Daily gives you five ways to dispose of an old iPod without throwing it in the trash.

Recycle through Apple’s recycling program.

In an effort to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, Apple introduced a recycling program with incentives for their customer. The company offers a 10% discount on a purchase of a new iPod if you choose to recycle the device at any store location. Don’t have time to hit the store? Go to their site, fill out the recycle form and get a gift certificate worth the iPod’s fair market value. The better the condition, the higher your gift certificate value.

Give it away.

Plenty of people forgo the whole gift card incentives in favor of more charitable avenues. The most common is to give it the iPod away. I chose to give mine to a teenage cousin. For him, getting my iPod was like digging through crates, looking for vinyl. Although familiar with today’s hip hop, he couldn’t identify the original sample heard in Jeezy’s track, “Shake Life.” Once he heard the Toto and Eric Benet versions, there was a new appreciation for Jeezy’s song. Remember when we were kids and our parents used to tell us we didn’t know what real music was?  iPods will become the new shoebox full of tapes, digital time capsules for future generations to discover.

Trade with a friend.

Music trading is nothing new to the game. However, the internet has helped elevate music trading to a worldwide level. For example,Phonte of Little Brother and Nicolay, a producer from The Netherlands, released albums before they even met in person. They sent beats and tracks back and forth through email. Why not do the same? There are plenty of musicians outside of the United States you’ve never heard of. If you’re open to the idea, check out trading sites like

Sell it.

Throwing away an old iPod is hustling backwards. You bought this electronic gadget for $300 and by throwing it away, you get nothing. If you sell it to someone for a reduced price, you’ll have a little bit of money in your pocket. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

Keep it.

Honestly, this seems like the most sensible option to the music fanatic in me. As a person who has collected over a thousand cds and several thousand songs on the iPod, putting in all that work and letting someone else enjoy it is wack. Chalk the selfishness up to my only child syndrome. Ok, so you bought the freshest iPod and didn’t get the insurance. What happens if damage occurs to the fresh device? Pull out the old one and update the songs on it. Simple enough.

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