Statistics show fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce. In Hollywood, statistics should probably show that most of those marriages will last less than six months. The most recent representation of that is famous for nothing, Kim Kardashian. After gaining fame for taking back shots from Ray J, Kim has made a fortune from a pretty face and her mother’s business savvy.

Divorce Laws Are Strictest Here!

Besides having fragrances, a clothing line, and product endorsement deals, Kardashian’s biggest business transaction was finding a husband in NBA player, Kris Humphries. It’s been reported the reality star made $14 million dollars from her lavish wedding ceremony. As most of us internet skeptics assumed, this wedding had more to do with business than love.

After a mere 72 days of “wedded bliss,” Kardashian is reportedly filing for a divorce from her New Jersey Net. The Urban Daily thought of reasons why the divorce is happening. Here’s what we came up with. Add your thoughts and reasons in the comments.

5.The NBA Lockout

I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but Ray J and Reggie Bush are far from broke brothas. Don’t get us wrong, we love a woman who makes her own money. The issue arises when a spoiled chick like this is the only one bringing home the bacon. Kim K is a woman who likes to shower herself with gifts and expects that from those around her. So when you were a no named basketball player who is out of a job, you can’t provide in the way she’s used to being provided for. Plus, Reggie Bush just got that Pizza Hut endorsement deal. We have a feeling Kardashian is going to be taking her talents to South Beach any day now.

4.Kris Humphries took Marsha Ambrosius’s song seriously.

Marsha Ambrosius went for her ex’s neck on “Hope She Cheats.” Kris Humphries probably heard the song and began questioning his bride’s knowledge of his profession. Does she know the difference between a touchdown and a lay up? Will she put me on Viagra in order for me to keep up with her? Those mustard seed sized doubts grew until Humphries conjured up enough cajones to ask her these questions to which she probably responded, “My mother said I’ll have to charge $500,000 to answer that question.”

3.Kris Humphries is soft.

When women look for a mate, they tend to look for a man that makes them feel safe and protected. Kim Kardashian is no different. Her husband obviously didn’t get that memo. On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim’s brother, Rob, calls her a “whore and b***h” in front of Humphries. Kris responded by applying a half-hearted headlock on Rob. Rob slips out of the hold and tells dude to mind his damn business. The male Kardashian isn’t the hardest dude out, so if he’s sonning you like that, you might want to invest in a self defense class or something. Also, Kris tried to act like he didn’t know who Ray J was when they were on the same flight. If that’s not a prime case of b***ha**ness, I don’t know what is.

2.Justin Beiber has more swag than Kris Humphries.

Everyone knows how much Kim Kardashian loves Justin Beiber. She tweeted a picture of him calling him her new boyfriend and had to back pedal when his fans were threatening bodily harm. I can guarantee there are no teenage girls checking for Kris Humphries. Hell, grown women aren’t checking for that guy. No matter if you like the kid or not, you have to admit Justin Beiber could get a woman’s number if he wasn’t famous. Dude has the personality to draw women in. Kris Humphries’ personality is blander than boiled chicken. No hyperbole.

1.Kris Humphries wanted to fire Kris Jenner as his manager.

When E! chose Kris Humphries as Kim K’s intended, a clause was placed in his contract to allow his mother-in-law manage his career. A naive Humhries accepted seeing how Lamar Odom was managed by his wife’s mother. The difference is Odom is on a much more popular team. When Jenner couldn’t get her new son-in-law any endorsements, he bounced. Part of his severance package was Kim pays him alimony and He retains the rights to use the Kardashian last name. A couple hundred thousand was added to remain quiet about the split. We look forward to his Barbara Walters tell all interview.

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