Some people just don’t understand Joe Budden. This complicated rap star has made quite a name for himself juggling his above average lyricism with his addiction to video-vixen girlfriends. But that’s not the only thing on Joe Budden’s mind. Like most rap stars approaching a ten-year run, Budden is ready to live the life of a rock star. And in order to do so, the rapper understands there’s more to that than just rhymin’ in the biz.

Hello, Mr. Budden. So what do you do?

I’m Joe Budden. I am a musician.

Musician, not rapper huh?

A musician is so much more than rapper. A rapper raps. A musician does a little more than that. This generation might consider rappers musicians, but I’m someone who plays instruments. I play the drums. I had a drum set when I was four. I’ve been playing piano for a long time. My father was a drummer. I picked up piano by ear. I could never read the music though.

Wow, I don’t think too many people know that about Joe Budden. Speaking of music, what type of music is in your iPod?

Everybody. I have all types of music in my iPod. I have over 20,000 songs in my iPod.

How do you make a great first impression?

You be yourself. You want to be courteous and you want to represent yourself properly and you want to be well-groomed, and take some care in your appearance. You have to be mindful and charming. Everyone can’t do that, but people work with what they have.

Speaking of grooming, who handles yours?

A guy named Jose. He works in a barbershop in Englewood. The “It” barbershop in Englewood.

How did you find him?

I got a cut in 2001 from a guy who traveled with celebs that people spoke very highly of. Johnny cuts every celebrity’s hair. And he opened up a shop and I been there ever since.

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So you’re particular about yours?

Yes. Everyone is not to be trusted with a pair of clippers. When you get comfortable with somebody and you develop a rapport with somebody, you’re just comfortable with knowing how you’re about to look.

So you don’t let just anyone cut your hair?

No. Nope. Not at all.

Are there any grooming mistakes you learned the hard way?

Yeah, don’t cut your own hair.

Do you ever cut your own hair?

Nah, I’m definitely not to be trusted with the clippers.

Are there any celebs out there whose style impresses you?

David Beckham is a pretty cool guy. George Clooney too. The way they carry themselves. When you see them, they come across well. And their grooming definitely is a part of them.

Do you have any favorite clubs where you get to show off your own style?

Nah, I don’t club very often. I like to be home. My mortgage is high so I like to spend a lot of time there.

This might seem like a weird question, but how do you keep your skin nice and fresh looking?

You exfoliate.

Okay, TMI. Let me get go back a bit. Being a “musician,” you must have to pay special attention to your grooming because perception plays a big part in your career, no?

I’m sure it does. Everything plays a part in that world of perception. I would think so.

I once tweeted that I was getting a manicure. And I got bigged up by half my followers, and torn down by the other half. Some have the perception that getting a manicure is not manly, but that wasn’t gonna stop me from getting a manicure once a week.

So what does the freshly-manicured Joe Budden have planned for the next year?

The Slaughterhouse album is due out in the first quarter. Then I’m doing a free download of an EP called Feature Presentation. And then my next album is coming out second quarter of next year. I’m staying busy.

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