Money, cars and women seem to be the basic formula when it comes to mainstream hip hop these days. New Jack City, Pt. II by Bow Wow doesn’t seem to deviate from the current norm. As an artist he doesn’t stand out to me much. He’s not the worst or the best rapper…he’s simply there.

One thing I will give the kid is he is very much accomplished. New Jack City, Pt II being his 6th solo album is impressive considering he’s only 22. Ever since the name changed from Lil Bow Wow to simply Bow Wow it’s been a struggle for him to show he’s matured. The current album definitely has tracks that let’s listeners know he’s moved on from the days of “Bounce With Me” or “Puppy Love.”

A notable track being “Shake It”, which receives help from Swizz Beats, is a song that would definitely flourish and survive at clubs. Honestly, the rest of the material falls flat. The songs aren’t bad or good they’re just there which is worse than being bad because they’re unmemorable. Bow Wow seems to be a good person aside from it all and after waiting 2 years since we last heard from him there was some type of curiosity about the kid.

Any type of interest someone took or any chance someone was willing to give was taken away after this shotty attempt of a comeback.

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– Words by Sudaara White

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