Since I can remember, Hip Hop (for the most part) has been a misogynistic stoke of lyrical genius infused with rambunctious drums and instruments. Here and there, a few rappers would sprinkle bits of emotion and amiable hooks to please a market they hadn’t tapped into and was trying to capture and or satisfy. Besides Andre 3000 (who appears on “The Real Her”) there hasn’t been a rapper as lyrically great as Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Only he can sing on an entire 18 track collection, still label it a rap album and get the critical acclaim he desires.

Whether you like Drake or not, you can not and I repeat can not, deny his talents. Drizzy’s highly-anticipated second project Take Care was officially released yesterday and despite it being leaked last week to the Internet, thousands of fans lined up in Harlem for a chance to get his or her CD signed by the Young Money artist.

What’s The Best Song On “Take Care” By Drake? [POLL]

The cover of Take Care is misleading though. From the golden bird parched beside the golden goblet; you would think Drake was about to audition to be apart of Ghostface Killa’s army, on a promotional campaign for Versace or channeling “The Last Supper.” This where Drake went wrong but it is one of the only places he did.

Take Care is not a rap album! there, I said it… now we can proceed to the following best cuts off the album!

“Over My Dead Body”

“Cameras/Good Ones Go”

“Look What You’ve Done”


“The Real Her”

“HYFR (Hell Yeah, F****n Right)

“Make Me Proud”

Drake’s “Take Care” Tracklist [Updated]

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