What is good hair? The question is frequently asked and women of color are usually the ones subjected to scrutiny and put on display for target like guinea pigs. “Your weave is distracting, your hair is nappy, your hair is too short” are just some of the sentiments we face being a black woman. When does what your hair looks like and how it feels become irrelevant?

Dr. Drew tackles the issue on an upcoming show. The clip below shows a black man arguing with a black woman who is wearing extensions. To him she is inferior because she isn’t natural…oh boy!

This issue is never-ending and it seems that the attention is constantly building with this “natural” craze that is occurring. The issue isn’t who has the prettier hair, the issue is why do we feel the need to judge one another and critique each other as if we are God?

For anyone to degrade a woman because of her hair is just disturbing. In the black community we have a habit of “playing God” syndrome. Either you are too dark or too light to be accepted, too black or too white- so you need to be segregated. Maybe your hair is too nappy for one’s taste; but when do we say ‘enough?”


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