Between the AMA’s success of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake and now the signing of veteran Busta Rhymes, Cash Money Records has been knocking reality TV chicks out of headlines all year.  But do they deserve all of these accolades? Our friends at definitely think so.

Yell, kick, scream, throw bitch fits all you must, but the truth is the truth. Cash Money Records has been the most successful business venture of its kind for a long, long time. No Limit’s tank ran out of gas. The R.O.C. crumbled. Bad Boy manages to stay afloat, but that’s mainly due to Diddy’s image. Def Jam has seen more than its fair share of negative press in recent years and still finds itself coming to grips with Shakir Stewart’s death. Meanwhile, Grand Hustle comes and goes with T.I.’s legal dealings. The point being is this. No label matches the longevity and mainstream success of this New Orleans conglomerate.

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