If ever, you want to be deafened by ear bludgeoning screams, attend a Mindless Behavior concert…or stand outside a Mindless Behavior concert, or mention their name around loyal Mindless Behavior fans (either one works!).

I was able to catch up with the quartet last week, when they ventured into town for the Scream Tour. Hundreds of girls lined up in Times Square, some bold adolescents there (in line) since 9am.

Being a former-B2K fanatic, I understand how important it is for the band to acknowledge us them (sorry had a flashback), so I took some questions from the crazed teenagers who were impatiently waiting to enter the Best Buy Theater. I told them I would ask the boys; some jumped in the air as if I couldn’t see them amidst the groups of singing minors, many yelled and a few even cried. One bold youngster reached out and grabbed my hand.

Finally, after going through the secret service of security, I was able to sit down with Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal. They were very respectful, Princeton, the most gentleman like of all, even stood up so I could sit down comfortably. They were extremely happy to hear from their fans, so much so that they knew the lovely young ladies who I showed them, by name!

Check out how the boys answer their fan questions below:

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