Each time “Love & Hip Hop” airs, Twitter and Facebook erupt into a raucous remembering the “brawl heard round the world.” This past Monday, Chrissy took her frustrations out on Jim Jones’ manager Yandy who is also responsible for introducing Emily B., Chrissy, Somaya Reece and Olivia to Kimbella. The verbal altercation caused a rift between Yandy and Jim.

She recently spoke with TT Torrez of IPower 92.1 about the incidents and why she joined “Love & Hip Hop” in the first place!

On whether or not Chrissy was appropriate for her response to knocking Kimbella out:

Aside from that being the mother of Jewelz’s child and his girlfriend, I brought her as my friend. Whether she was invited or if she came with me, I’ve already made it clear to everybody that this is my friend. So just like if I brought one of my friends to Chrissy’s event, I wouldn’t allow one of my friends to disrespect Chrissy. It just put me in a very awkward position and at that point was close to both of them.

On whether there’s truth to the rumors about how Jewelz gave Emily B a beat down:

No, absolutely not.

On managing Mama Jones and her new single:

You guys have to watch and see what happens on the show. I can say this though, I love that woman as if she was my auntie. She cracks me up. You know how some people you can get that gut-wrenching laughter out? That’s how it goes down with Mama Jones. I love her. She’s hilarious.

On her main reason for appearing on VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop”:

I’ve been behind the scenes for a long time. I love being behind the scenes, this is so different for me, but I wanted to be the voice for those women who have been in this industry grinding and have been working hard for years and don’t get the recognition.

Click here, for the audio!

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