In the new comedy The Sitter Jonah Hill plays Noah, a 20-something year old college dropout who will do just about anything to get laid. In his quest to “pound vag”, the one woman he can’t have sends him on an impossible mission while he is babysitting some bad ass kids. Method Man is Jacobly, the boyfriend of a high school friend of Noah’s that gets him into a heap of trouble along the way.

In this exclusive interview with TheUrbandaily the two share the craziest things they’ve done for sex and the worst babysitting move they’ve ever pulled.

“I played Fritz The Cat for this kid…I didn’t know it was an adult movie”-Method Man

Method Man also gives us his memory of the first time meeting the late Dwight “Heavy D” Myers in Justin’s restaurant back in the day. 

The Sitter is in theaters December 9th.


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