There have been a lot of photo fails in hip-hop. Sometimes it’s an intentional pose that inspires a “WTF,” and other times the paparazzi just happened to catch said artist with their pants down (sometimes literally). Our friends at gathered the 10 most eye-brow-raising  flicks and even gave them each a theme song. Check out the first one here and click HERE for the full gallery.

Bow Wow & Soulja Boy Are Hot and Bothered

Questions: Why are they shirtless? Why are they so close? Why does Soulja have the look of lust in his eyes? Why are they pointing in different directions? Most importantly, my God, someone please explain why SB pants are undone? Someone! Which leads to, what the hell were they doing five minutes before this picture was taken?

Score: “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” – D’Angelo



C’Mon Son! The Biggest Celebrity Photo Fails

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