?uestlove spoke to fans of The Roots about their new album undun last night (December 7th) at iTunes’ Meet The Musician Series in New York City, and D’Angelo and sloppiness came up in the conversation. Founder and CEO Chuck Creekmur moderated the Q&A session, and ?uesto wasn’t talking about D’Angelo’s appearance when he used the word “sloppiness.”

Prior to the release of The Roots’ album Illadelph Halflife in 1996, the group was criticized for not having music that was “dirty” enough sonically, ?uestlove explained. At the time, the Wu-Tang Clan was riding high, and gritty beats were favored by most hip-hop fans. But The Roots were making warm and melodic music on their first two albums.

D’Angelo Album In The “Home-Stretch”

?uest took the criticism to heart and wanted to make music that was felt like a “cold sounding machine.” But working with D’Angelo helped ?uestlove find the right balance between perfect production and the imperfect “sloppiness” of live soul music.

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D’Angelo’s unabashed soul brought ?uestlove away from the mechanical sound The Roots had drifted towards, and helped bring the crew back to their foundation.

The Roots are currently riding of wave of great publicity with the release of their outstanding and critically acclaimed album undun, which is available on iTunes now. Check it out and hear ?uestlove and The Legendary Roots Crew embrace “sloppiness.”

Here’s a look at some of the photos by Interactive One’s Michael Scott Jones from this great night!

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