With the increased popularity of electronic crutches like Autotune, a lot of people are being allowed to have musical careers without being able to sing very well. We’ve all thought it but very few have come out and said it. Well, the folks at went there and some folks are about to get their feelings hurt. Do you agree with their picks?

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is definitely a woman that has worn many hats. While that is commendable, I must say that carrying a note is something she should give up on. She’s a great entertainer otherwise, but we all should have been real with her after “If You Had My Love.”

Pharrell Williams

I love this guy, and I even bought his solo album, In My Mind where he both sings and raps. But it took me a few years to come to the conclusion that if he really thinks he can sing, he’s got to be playing crazy. His vocals can sound okay one second and then piercing the next.


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