Featuring Fat Joe, Ja Rule and The Game.


While The Game avoids any out right mentions of beef or 50 Cent, Ja Rule wastes no time dissing 50 Cent and gets straight to the point on his verse.

Curly [50 Cent] get off my d**k/before that chopper (AK-47) gets to poppin off/at ni**as who be mouthing off/read in between the lines when you hear me talk go ahead get out of line/this Rule York

Fat Joe comes out swinging, with lines directed at 50 Cent’s co-horts Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Whoo Kid, Chris Lighty and Nelson Gomez.

Still went to Africa/Still wore the big chain/where you got robbed at/ni**a on the same stage/I say s**t that you cant say/cause I am not a snitch/I aint b**ch made

Rick Ross starts his verse by stating : “David, meet Goliath,” and then follows with a verse where he reveals details about his drug dealing past, in addition to name checking 50 Cent, as well as his son Marquis.

“I’ll put a milli on it/this p**sy don’t want it/show up in his hood with the wolves by the morning “Once you cross that line, it aint about North and South,” Rick Ross says at the end about his alliance. “It’s about money and power. Riders and punks. My money is long as 183rd street aka Miami Gardens. “

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