Recently, The Smoking Section conducted an interview with Crooked I. During a session at HeadCourterz Studios, owned by DJ Premier, the Long Beach veteran emcee spoke about some outstanding issues from his 14 year-career.

In the wake of the recent Death Row Records asset auction, Crooked I expressed sympathy for his former employer, Marion “Suge” Knight, the label’s former CEO and co-founder. “When they took control of Death Row Records from Suge-in my opinion, I haven’t even talked to Suge about it-it seems like they didn’t even let the man go in his office and clean up and move all his stuff. It’s like he can’t even walk in there. That’s how it seems because when they had the auction, there was stuff in that auction that I know he wanted, that he would’ve never let go,” said Crooked I, who once released a DVD chronicling the controversial dealings of the label he spent nearly five years signed to.

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