It seems that everyone has had an opinion about Cassie shaving her head so we decided to ask two of the most beautiful women we know, Toccara Jones & Melyssa Ford, what they think.

While schmoozing at a Lady Hennessy event in NYC (See photos below) The Urban Daily asked the two beauties to weigh in on Cassie’s hair today, gone tomorrow maneuver.

“I love that Cassie shaved off her head! She is so beautiful,” Toccara said enthusiastically. “I [thought] before Cassie was a cute girl, but now that she shaved off her head and you can see her face and features…she’s striking and beautiful. I think she should shave the other side off and go bald. Go, Cassie!”

The former ANTM contestant and TV host didn’t back down when asked if she’d ever part with her crown and glory.

“I can do anything cuz I’m a chameleon. I could shave off my hair and still be fierce, child!”

However, fellow model and actress Melyssa Ford had a decidedly different opinion.

“I’d never do something that crazy,” the veteran video vixen said shaking her head. “Unless a role called for me to shave my head bald and I had to play a Cancer patient I’m not doing something like that. I’m sorry. [Cassie] is a nice girl, met her before. [She’s] very sweet and incredibly beautiful, but I don’t understand. It took away from her looks as far as I’m concerned.”

One thing they did agree on is that they were sad to see KING magazine go. Both women appeared on the cover of the popular men’s mag twice.

“It doesn’t even make sense to me,” Toccara said with a pout. “Hopefully they’re coming back.”

Ford, who had one of the highest selling covers ever chimed in, ” A lot girls are heartbroken right now. King was the epitome. Girls really wanted to be in the pages of [that magazine].”

We’re sad to see ’em go as well, but we’ve got more Toccara and Melyssa Ford coming on The Urban Daily. Check back for TT Torrez’s exclusive interview with Toccara from the Philadelphia music festival.

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