This acting like a lady and thinking like a man has clearly gone too far. There are some things you simply can’t un-see, one of them is Charles Barkley in a dress and wig. While this is not the first time the NBA Hall of Famer turned pitchman has dressed like a woman (he’s done it several times on SNL), his taco meat wrapped in an evening gown goes above and beyond in helping us not want to eat.

The point of the ad is to convey to men that the Weight Watchers program is not just for women and that we can still eat “man food like steak and pizza” on our way to losing 44 pounds like Sir Charles. Fellas, can we all just say we get the point so the mad men on this campaign can tell Charles to put on a shirt? And where the hell did they find stilletos big enough for Charles’ grape stompers?


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