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WHO: Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Kamal “Chance” Givens, Ahmad “Real” Givens, George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber, David “Punk” Ortunga, Lee “Boston” Marks, Joshua “Whiteboy” Gallander, Frank “The Entertainer” Maresca, Ezra “Buddah” Masters and more.

WHEN: Season 1 – January 207 – April 2007. Season 2 – October 2007 – December 2007


Why We Watched: I Love New York was the case of the “underdog mixed with the bitch you love to hate” syndrome. And thanks to a few network execs, every dog has its day.

After being dumped, not once but TWICE at the finish line by Flavor Flav (of all freaking people) the powers that be decided to give Tiffany “New York” Pollard a chance to prove that some guys out there actually like loud, obnoxious pseudo divas with matching moms and nice clothes. And for two seasons she did just that, pulling everything from the steroid enthusiast to the vertically challenged, dumping them into one house to let the testosterone and egos run amuck. The square-offs didn’t hit as hard though as the realization that these dudes were in fact squaring off over New York! A trip to NYC would have made more sense!

In two seasons, very few face offs came to blows. The fireworks normally popped during the reunion shows. Tango ended season one by proposing to New York. She did accept, but after watching a clip or two (or three) where New York and her mother Sister Patterson, repeatedly insulted the age, weight and looks of his mother, Tango came to the reunion show, broke their engagement and dumped New York on the spot in front of the world. Guess a three-time loser is proof that God don’t like ugly. But in season two she picked Tailor Made, (the guy who got touched up), over Buddah (The guy who did the touching) and broke up with him as soon as she got a spinoff. Sad huh?

Impact: At the end of the day, both seasons of I Love New York pretty much shut down the poor mans Bachelorette. Aside from a Rock version of a chick rejected, only showed America that ratchets need romance too, just not more than home-training and pepper spray.

Tami Talks: She was crazy! We all knew from Flavor of Love that she was gonna have her own moment. The men who came on the show were interesting. In fact, they might have been more interesting than she was. Me, personally I wouldn’t have picked any of them. I needed more degrees in the conversation.

Aftermath: Despite no third season, “I Love New York” did spawn some pretty special spin-offs. New York scored twice with New York Goes to Hollywood and New York Goes To Work. But when you don’t have talent, people aren’t really interested in seeing you be yourself unless your name is Kardashian. The Given brothers, Real & Chance, got their own dating show Real Chance of Love and attempted to start a rap group called The Stallionaires that went coaster. Even the 28 year old that lived in his parents’ house got Frank the Entertainer… in a Basement Affair.

But the dating/reality shows have since gone the way of the dinosaur. Cast off member David Otunga aka Punk actually took his talents to the WWE and became a full time wrestler in addition to proposing marriage to Jennifer Hudson and celebrating the birth of their first child. WINNING.

Trivia: Normally, he who causes the most trouble earns a new show. And NOBODY caused more trouble than Tango by dissing New York and breaking their engagement. And as was tradition, he was in line to get a show with cast-off Mr. Boston. But somebody in the front offices sobered up and the show never happened.

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