Whitney Houston heard reports about her being broke and isn’t too pleased about them. Here’s the story the embattled singer’s camp is telling:

Houston Has No Problems…

Whitney Houston’s representatives have denied claims she is ”flat broke” claiming she was just paid to do a new movie. Whitney Houston has denied claims she is penniless after spending $100 million. The troubled star’s representative has told CNN rumors her fortune is “gone” and she is “flat broke” are preposterous because she has just made a movie.

The spokesperson said: “It’s totally false and ridiculous. She just made a movie with Jordin Sparks – ‘Sparkle’. “People get paid to make movies. She’s not broke.”

The only people that know for sure if Whitney Houston is broke are her and her accountant. However, we all know Houston had a cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol problem. Nose candy isn’t the cheapest drug out there, so it is possible she blew threw that $100 million fast. Too bad we don’t have the receipts.



Whitney Houston Is Broke?!

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