When NFL players go into the pro Bowl, they usually have a lacksidasical attitude towards the game. Though there were a few glimpses of that in this past Sunday’s game, the 2012 Pro Bowl was a game filled with replay worthy plays and a star turn for the Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver, Brandon Marshall.

Marshall caught six passes for 176 yards and set a Pro Bowl record with four touchdowns. The wide receiver had a touchdown in each quarter, which includes the 74 yarder early in the game. That play is sure to be an ESPN staple for days to come. After winning MVP for helping the AFC best the NFC with 59-41, Marshall was quoted as saying, ”You never know when you’re going to be back and I wanted to go all out today because it could be my last Pro Bowl.”

The 59 points by the AFC was a high for the Pro Bowl, and the 100 points posted by both teams is a touchdown short of tying the points scored record set in 2004’s Pro Bowl. 36 players made their first appearance in this year’s  Pro Bowl. Cam Newton and Andy Dalton replaced Superbowl bound shot callers, Eli Manning and Tom Brady, making this the first time two rookie quarter backs played. The two played the whole second half.

Check out some of the highlight footage below.


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