On February 1st the entertainment world was rocked by the news that “Soul Train” founder Don Cornelius was dead. The 75-year- old TV legend died of a gunshot wound to the head. Police are saying it was possibly a suicide. has gathered reactions from those who benefited from the work and life of Mr. Cornelius.

Karyn White I first met Mr. Cornelius as a young 17-year-old background singer for O’Brien who Don Cornelius was managing and executive producing, not only did he give me my start in the professional music business he was also very generous to me as a mentor and father figure in the music business. He could be stern and very intimidating but he was also very giving & loving. I just saw him last week so I am obviously, shaken, shocked & hurt by this news, may God bless Don Cornelius & bring comfort to his family.

DJ Green Lantern:

“Man, R.I.P. Don Cornelius …one of the great ones that 2 hr Soul train documentary when u get a chance..serious”

Freddie Foxxx

“Powerful, to introduce the world to a greater amount of Black Music. Don Cornelius was that dude. He made it happen. Without question.”

Ice T

Soul Train was the radio station of Black America for years. Don Cornelius is an idol. There will never be another one of him in television. God bless him. Don is a G. Respect.

9th Wonder

My God… in peace Don Cornelius…

DJ Jazzy Jeff

RIP Don Cornelius…Thank You for all you have done for us…


Condolences to the family, friends+ associates of Don Cornelius. So grateful4 his decades of innovative contribution to black music. R.I.P.


Robert Glasper

R.I.P. DON CORNELIUS……..He is the reason I’m able to do what I do..the reason ALL of us Black people are able to do what we do..

Nikki D

Thank you Don Cornelius, for my 1st National TV appearance, on The SOOOOUUULLL TRAIN!! The hippest trip in America! Salute & RIP!

Jay King My first time on television was because of Don Cornelius, Soul Train meant you had arrived and here I was standing next to the man who I had watched on television for all these years who brought the biggest stars in urban music to my living room. I was young and full of piss and vinegar but in Don’s presence I was wowed!!! And nervous, he was so cool and he saw my nervousness and said a few words in his cool voice, that seemed to say “be cool youngster” and we got on with the show….. I had the honor & pleasure of seeing Mr. Cornelius in the flesh last week and I want to thank you sir for all that you’ve done, now go rest in peace, you are already missed

Hinton Battle

I am deeply sadden to hear of this tragic news. Don Cornelius was such an integral part of my life. Watching the show as a child and then having the opportunity to be invited to perform on his show made my dreams come true. He has always been an inspiration and a pillar in the community and he will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to the family and God bless.

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