Fans of adult entertainer Jada Fire got hit with some bad news today. The AVN award-winning actress is retiring from performing in pornographic films.

“The day has finally come. I’m officially retired from porn,” she wrote on her twitter page. “I wanna say thanks to all my fans, I love ya’ll so much. I’m just done shooting scenes. That’s all, it’s ok:)”

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In other adult entertainment news, actor-turned-rapper Pinky XXX dispelled rumors that she had contracted HIV. An article was published claiming that she had contracted the disease from actor named Darren James who retired from porn in 2004 after testing positive for HIV. However, Pinky didn’t begin filming porn until 2006.

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“It doesn’t surprise me how ignorant people are on the net anymore,” she wrote on her twitter page.  “Ya’ll say anything for some attention. Sad something so negative would trend smh. Y’all so f*ckn stupid. Read the fabricated article. I wasn’t even in the game when that n*gga Darrian or whatever his name is caught it. duh.”


It appears that speaking out on Twitter didn’t get the message across, so Pinky created a home video to speak on the situation once and for all.

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