No it’s not a useless number, there’s a meaning to it.  It’s not the amount of sleeveless hoodies Bill Belichick has worn in the last year.  It’s not the amount of women Tom Brady has dated in his lifetime.  There is all time history behind it.  It stands for the most wins of a quarterback and coach in NFL history.   The incredible number belongs to the three- time super bowl champions Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the most dominating coach-player duo in NFL history.  That number is the result of countless film sessions, preparation, attention to detail, and outstanding game planning.

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If you were to follow Tom Brady from his combine showing to draft day no one on earth would’ve thought he would end up being the man he is today.  He was a 6th round pick, the 199th overall in the 2000 draft.  He was looked at as a backup, maybe a starter with some improvement or stability, but nobody thought he’d end up being a Hall of fame quarterback.  I hate sports cliché’s because of the corniness but they do tend to be true, especially in this case.  He probably has had the biggest draft day “chip on his shoulder” in NFL history, for being drafted so late.   So what has got Brady this far?  Well a couple of things, his accuracy, his consistency, his practice and preparation, but most importantly it’s his competitiveness.  He is insanely competitive, the most recent showing of this was a regular season game this season when Brady threw a interception and got into one of the most heated arguments you’ll ever see with his quarterback coach.  (See here) That’s what separates him from an average player or even a great player, and elevates him to one of the greatest.  He wants to be great he doesn’t shy away from it he attacks it like a challenge.

So now, 12 years after his draft day and with enough records to split in half with a ‘bust’ like Ryan leaf and still make him a Hall of Famer,  Tom Brady finds himself in his 5th Super Bowl, which yes, you guessed it is another record.  There is a wild twist to this one, this is (although not fully) the same team that denied him perfection.  He faced the giants in the Super Bowl 5 years ago…his only loss on the big stage.  He had arguably the greatest season for a quarterback ever with 50 touchdowns.  Swept the regular season putting up crazy madden numbers scoring 40, and 50 on teams left and right. He made it all the way to the super bowl only to lose on a game winning drive to Eli manning and the Giants.  Anybody who thinks Tom Brady, the competitive freak that he is doesn’t want to get revenge on the Giants and is just dumb.  He can’t wait, like a kid who stays up until midnight on Christmas to open their presents.  Guess who’s in his corner; his coach, the Genius, Bill Belichick, the man he’s been through numerous wars with over the last 12 years, and walked away with 124 Dubs in those battles.  It’s pretty hard to bet against those two, dontcha think??

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