April 20 is a big day for Asher Roth, as the young rapper sees the release of his first album, Asleep In The Bread Isle. Recently, he traveled back to Pennsylvania to perform at his alma mater, West Chester University.

It’s a little crazy, man. It just goes to show you it’s working,” said Asher to MTV News. “This music is bringing people together. West Chester, I’m kinda cheating a little bit, because that’s home. So it isn’t until I walk the streets of British Columbia and people are outside waiting for me. Then, I know, ‘OK, this is really working.’ ”

Asher Roth has found success with his “I Love College,” which has become a favorite at schools across the nation. In addition, he’s had a steadily growing buzz on the Internet. The rapper is currently on a promotional tour for his album all across the nation – but he feels most comfortable at home.

You know that you can just go up there and totally be yourself and the crowd’s going to be there with you,” he said. “Being here in PA – and this is just another one of those state schools – where we used to just come and hang out and just, on numerous occasions, kind of walk these streets, so then we pull up [now] and it says, ‘Asher Roth: sold out.’ It’s like I’m starting a new life, man.”

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