Soul songstress, Meleni Smith has released a new album “My Heart In Focus” that highlights her passionate voice and smart and creative songwriting ability.

Meleni was previously signed to Columbia Records but has now taken her career in her own hands, developing a sound that isn’t coming from the cookie cutter R&B mainstream formula.

One of the standouts on the 10–track album is “Grace Jonesin” which pays tribute to the vibrant Jamaican singer with a vintage R&B tune, that harks back to the days of the late, great Etta James.

“Liquid Stars” is an acoustic guitar and violin driven ballad that shows the bittersweet side of love. “The Palm Of Your Hands” is an electronic influenced track that brings a cool vibe with an 80s feel. Meleni outdoes Alicia Keys on the song that Meleni wrote for Keys, “Love Is My Disease.” The track “Only A Fool” is a moving piano ballad that has definite crossover appeal.

The live instruments and various styles create a nice gumbo of musical influences which highlight Meleni’s songwriting chops and distinct emotional voice. Smith has worked with Fugees and Nas producer, Salaam Remi, and she manages to hold her own among the great female artists he worked with such as Lauryn Hill and the late Amy Winehouse.

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