Remember “Seinfeld”? The popular 90s show named after comedian Jerry Seinfeld was famous for being about nothing at all. Similarly, Kim Kardashian and her family seem to be everywhere nowadays yet possess no skill or talent of note. Five years ago no one knew who Kim Kardashian was. She was just an unassuming stylist who worked for R&B star Brandy. Ray J was just Brandy’s brother, doomed to live in the shadow of his older sister’s success, relegated to making cameos in Brandy’s videos and releasing critically panned albums.

However, it was Willie Ray Norwood, Jr. who began dating said stylist and hit record on the camcorder during one of their lovemaking sessions effectively launching Kim-mania. The video, which leaked online, was sold to Vivid Video (allegedly by Ray J) where it was one of the highest selling titles. Fellas (including Reggie Bush) could not get enough of Kardashian’s assets and ladies (Whitney Houston) were pleasantly surprised to see how Ray J had, ahem, grown.

Although Kim tried to sue Vivid and made a huge stink about Ray J releasing their private romp, the flick made it possible for momma Kris Jenner to create an empire around her second born, which included a reality show for each sibling, commercial endorsements, books, retail chain stores, cosmetics, red carpet appearances, and an $18 million windfall for what turned out to be a (staged) 72 day marriage to NBA baller Kris Humphries.  Being a “socialite” hasn’t been this lucrative since Paris Hilton’s heyday.

Ray J parlayed his notoriety into a song about homemade sex tapes called “Sexy Can I” and a dating reality show called “For the Love of Ray J.”


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