The estate of Nate Dogg is being sued by the people who took care of him in his final years. His care takers claim they are owed thousands upon thousands for the medical care and Nate Dogg’s estate was ordered to fork over the cash by a judge.

According to TMZ, Nate was admitted to CareMeridian rehab facility. The institution focuses on rebabilitating patients after they’ve suffered severe catastrophic injuries. CareMeridian claimed in court documents Nate Dogg racked up a medical bill of $290,000 between 2008 and 2010. The rehab center was personally assured they would receive payment from one of the hip-hop singer’s managers, David Michery, but have yet to receive a dime.

Nate Dogg usually wrote all of the hooks he sang, so there are royalty checks still rolling in. It remains unclear why the medical center hasn’t been paid.



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