The debate over being called Black or African-American is an ongoing conversation where opinions change as often as possible.

Was The Matrix The Blackest Sci-Fi Movie Ever?

Actor and comedian Al Shearer reignited the debate in the offices of TMZ when he and a friend were caught leaving a restaurant. The Glory Road actor proclaimed proudly, “I’m Black!” A cameraman proceeded to ask his opinion on the label debate to which Al Shearer answered with, “Black is good. Black is beautiful.” Before Shearer could finish his sentence, his friend screamed,“Bring your black ass on!” Shearer then stated, “If you call me the N-word, you’ll get knocked out. But Black or African-American is cool.”

Harvey Levin, the owner of the blog, was slightly confused as to why the label kept changing and stuck his foot in his mouth offering, “They keep changing it every five years!” His Black employees didn’t appreciate the comment too much and politely checked him.

What are your thoughts on being called Black or African-American? Does it matter? Is one better than the other? Sound off in the comments.



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