They say there is no honor among thieves, but is there any loyalty among rap crews? If you ask Nate Dogg’s former manager, David Michery, there isn’t an ounce of loyalty in the rap game.

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Yesterday, The Urban Daily reported how Nate Dogg’s estate had to pay Nate’s medical bills totaling near $300,000. CareMeridian facility sued the singer’s estate over an unpaid bill from 2010. The facility stated David Michery guaranteed payment, but still hasn’t forked over the cash. Michery says he did promise the bill would be paid only because none of Nate Dogg’s rapper friends would pitch in to help pay the bill. In a statement given to TMZ, Michery offered, “I was the only person who would come forward because I didn’t want him to die. Me and Nate have 20 years history together and I did what everyone should have done and tried to save his life … not let him get kicked out in the streets and die.”

Warren G, who recorded the seminal “Regulate” with Nate Dogg, responded to Michery’s claims, “I rode with Nate ’til the end … I did what I could do for him with other things financially. If I was able to pay for his hospital bill, I would have. I made several calls to numerous people for help. I love Nate … he’s my brother.”

Who do believe in this situation? The more important question is what are rappers doing with their money that most of them are dying penniless?



Nate Dogg Estate Sued By Medical Team!

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