Conservative media personality Ann Coulter has managed to offend every black person in America in a matter of 58 seconds. Coulter delivered a speech where she compared President Obama to Flavor Flav. Ann Coulter mused, “Voters with forty years of politically correct education are ecstatic to have the first Black president. They just love the idea even if we did get Flavor Flav instead of  Thomas Sowell.”

Really Ann Coulter? I think I have to agree with my friends over at when they say you might as well call him the N-word. You’ve called him every other slanderous term you can think of. Why not just go for it?! The part that’s worse is all of these people in the audience clapping and smiling like what Coulter said wasn’t disrespectful.

What do you think of Ann Coulter and her racist sentiments? Sound off.


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